Trans Envy Magic Mushrooms

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The Trans Envy shrooms are characterized by thick stems (thicker than Transkei) like its Penis Envy heritage but often with caps that open more. The colours are typically pale and less golden. This strain is known to have high above-average psilocybin content due to its genetics.
Strain: Trans Envy
Species: Psilocybe Cubensis


Oz, Qp, Hp, p

8 reviews for Trans Envy Magic Mushrooms

  1. John Haley

    Always a consistent experience!

  2. Jonathon Carol

    Consistent quality! Fave variety, and super quick shipping every time!

  3. Robert Dodd

    I micro-dosed (0.5-1g) and was able to feel the full effects (for the amount I took). I say they did their job well, Thank you!!

  4. Jack Dasilva

    Favourite strain, always consistent!

  5. Claude Jumper

    Just amazing. My girlfriend and I used these for spiritual purposes and it was amazing. Very potent btw. Quick delivery

  6. Phillip Linck

    Very consistent with quality. My favorite strain and website to grab from.

  7. Dustin Eversole

    Excellent for microdosing and recreational. I’m glad I tried this strain

  8. William Kremer

    Third time trying shrooms but first time experiencing hallucinations. A thoughtful trip.

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